Living Hope Evangelical Free Church 


Core Values

Word - The word of God transforms us and must be central to all we do.
Witness - The church is called to reach the lost for Christ.
Worship - It is the chief end of man.
Service - Each believer is called to serve Christ and His kingdom. 
Transformation - Each believer is called to grow in Christlikeness.
Fellowship - Building godly relationships is essential to an effective church.
From these six core values comes our purpose statement:
Living Hope Evangelical Free Church exists to bring people to a saving knowledge of Christ, incorporate them into the body of believers and give them the biblical foundation necessary for life transformation, service, and genuine worship which mark a person as spiritually mature.
From this purpose statement comes our slogan:

A Caring Community Celebrating Christ

Caring reflects our emphasis upon fellowship, transformation and service.
Community reflects our desire to reach our world for Christ.
Celebration reflects our desire to worship God.
Christ reflects the emphasis upon providing a solid biblical foundation.
A solid biblical foundation is at the heart of evangelism, godly relationships, life transformation, service and worship.